Coffee is our passion... If you also share this enthusiasm, then join us in our wonderful world of coffee and discover our brands and products, the traditional long-term barrel roasting method, our company and our special coffee. We have always been driven by our passion for coffee… With 80 years of experience it is more than just a drink for us.

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Ulli Minges

At Minges we use the traditional long-term barrel roasting method to transform and bring out the best in carefully selected raw coffee beans. True, this traditional process means we take much longer than industrial-scale roasters, but only slow and gentle roasting allows the harmonious bouquet of flavors to unfold. We have always been driven by our passion for coffee… 80 years of experience, our traditional long-term barrel roasting method, and our love of coffee culture all come together to create the unique composition which is our coffee.


A team of experienced coffee connoisseurs is busy traveling the world to select only the finest raw coffee beans for our products right on location. Long-term contracts with a number of growers guarantee the consistently high quality of our products.


For more than 80 years, we have steadfastly believed in tong-term drum roasting: a traditional artisan method guaranteed to refine our coffee blends to absolute perfection. That is why a single coffee roasting procedure at Minges, conducted under the expert supervision of our experienced coffee roasting specialists, will take up to 18 minutes. Plenty of time to bring all the aromas and flavors to full perfection. The result: a flavorful and full-bodied coffee that is gentle on the stomach.


Attractive product packaging plays a central role in today‘s food retail business. We are aware of this requirement. And we address it by state-of the-art technology in combination with innovative packaging solutions.


We use specifically developed control procedures based on the IFS Food Standard requirements to ensure the rigorous quality inspection of our products every step of the way. Our proprietary products undergo numerous inspections and analyses conducted at our laboratory: from the receipt of the goods to post roasting to post packaging all the way prior to shipment. Only after having passed all the checks will our products embark on their travel to arrive in our customers’ hands in freshly-roasted condition.

Down to the present day our »Stammhaus« can be found at the Bamberger Maximilian Square, just across from the new town hall. It was right here that Fritz Minges established the company and successfully laid the foundations for the nowadays nationwide known coffee brand named »Minges coffee«. In addition to exquisite coffee specialties you will also find a wide range of teas, confectionery, spirits and accessories. In addition to that the Minges Stammhaus offers a premium full-gift-service. The highly qualified and skilled team is always at your disposal at any time during the year as well as specifically for christmas. We offer individual consultations and will handle your europe-wide gift shipments with utmost reliability.

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Learn about the art of coffee roasting in our open mini show roastery at our production site in Breitengüßbach. All of our Fritz Minges coffee rarities are hand-roasted here as well. We impart basic knowledge about coffee in general, its history, cultivation, harvest, processing, and roasting. Afterwards this newly acquired knowledge is being put to use and deepened when you get to do your own coffee roasting and tasting.

Roestdiplom Anmelden

Dates and Registration

Duration 3 to 3.5 hours. 12 People max Including personal »Röstdiplom«, the minges roasting diploma, and a rich selection of various coffees.

For Registration please contact us.